Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Compromise with Evil

He warned us. He warned us repeatedly and clearly. But many didn't believe him. They didn't believe he meant it. They didn't believe he could pull it off.

Barack Obama kept saying that he wanted to bring people together. And now he has. Barack Obama has done the almost impossible. He has united the left and the right in opposition to evil. And on both sides the opposition is vehement.

What is this evil that both left and right oppose with such venom? A preacher of gospel has been asked and has accepted the invitation to pray at the inauguration of the President of the United States. That's horrible!

Oh, I know: "It's not just any preacher," say the left. "It's a women-hating homophobe."

And "It's not just any POTUS," say the right. "It's the MOST liberal marriage-hating baby killer."

So let's not let HIM pray for HIM!--It's disgraceful!

And they said Barack Obama couldn't unite the left and the right.

This, my friends, is what 30 years of culture wars have gotten us.

And why doesn't anyone, left or right, have an opinion about that other inaugural pray-er and preacher of the gospel, Joseph Lowery?