Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me at My Worst

If you know me IRL (in real life), you might want to screen your calls. Any day now you’re likely to get a phone call or e-mail asking for dirt on me. Feel free to respond as honestly as you can. They’ll be looking for my worst deeds, my worst words, and --if they could get to ‘em –my worst thoughts. Why would they care so much about me? Because of my association with Barack Obama.

And don’t hesitate to tell all you know of my association. It was at one time a significant relationship. I don’t mean we simply sat on some charitable boards together. Or that we supported some of the same uplifting causes, like helping Americans exercise their voting rights. I don’t mean that I was just someone like a pastor, whose every opinion could be attributed to him. No, we were actually FRIENDS. I don’t deny it. If he remembers, he won’t either. We gathered regularly and talked about whatever was important to us. We talked a lot. And since he was only 14 while I was 17, my influential words (deeds and thoughts) are probably particularly significant to attribute to Senator Obama.

But I advise you to be careful. If you do answer the requests, that puts you in the loop too. What’s in YOUR closet? If you are a practicing Christian, what was your pre-Christian life like? Those bad deeds (words or thoughts) could also be attributed to Barack Obama. If you don’t want all of America to hear about it so that it can be stuck to Obama, you might not want to answer the call after all.


Doc Op said...

I would hate for people to be tarnished by their association with me SINCE I have been a follower of Christ. (Since I responded to the cross at an early age, my greatest sins against others and downright despicable behavior has been AFTER my rescue. That’s just how sinful I am. (And what a miracle is found in the love of Christ.)

Ps. I know you wished to make another point, but this is the thought that jumped at me.

nashbabe said...

Nope, I think they're plenty busy with Joe the Plumber.

tdadpete said...

Good to have you back, nashbabe.

You realize this post is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?