Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whatsoever Things Are True III

Almost a year ago (September 11, 2008) I drafted a post which I never published. It sat on my blogsite unfinished. I just re-read it, and I'm thinking its time has come. Eleven months later it sounds disgustingly familiar.

"I've ended my siege over Steve [Bell]'s Notes page on Facebook. Steve and I and another friend of his were going at it for a few days about the election, Christian values, the nature of our associations and stuff. I had to stand down and surrender his page because I was getting nowhere productive.

If you've read this blog before, you know that I made up my mind about the Presidential election a long time ago. My reasons are legion, but I will not delineate them right now. I am no undecided voter. In fact, my political mission right now is to persuade undecided voters to the ticket I believe is best for the country.

What I've faced is that many undecideds are not so undecided. It has baffled me how some claim open-mindedness but then argue only one side. I think I'm making a rational argument and the response is venomous demonization. I'm not interested in trying to force my opinion on anyone--that's not the persuasion I seek. But the selective hearing of some people, Christian in particular, is stunning to me.

I say 'Christian in particular,' because I'm disturbed at how many Christians believe the negative about any candidate when confronted with the overwhelming positive truth. I'm not saying that everything about my candidate is positive. I am decrying the bloodthirst that believes unsubstantiated innuendo and negative lies over positive truth. There are two issues here: obsession with the negative and willingness to believe lies."

Before some of my Christian brothers and sisters jump all over me:
If you disagree with my political views and are speaking the truth in love, then my exhortation is not about you. I applaud you. If you do not agree with me based on clear facts, I have no quarrel with you as a brother; we simply disagree. And if you basically agree with me politically, and are lying about the facts, this IS about you.

But here we are again with people willing to believe and disseminate lies that can be proven as such, and once again I am disgusted.

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