Monday, May 23, 2005

Beginning to Roar

Hey. This is all new for me. Went to the Emergent Church Convention in Nashville last week. You Emergents inspired me to get blogging. So here goes.

Purr and Roar. Well, it's all about lions. Mostly the image of lions more than their actual substance, but I hope to unleash with some substance here and there.

For now, I'm posting pictures of me with my grandson, just to get started. Stories, musings, probings, questions, and massive opinions to come. Grace and Peace.


gavin richardson said...

you got me thinking of 'roaring lambs' with the prr and roar.. but lambs don't prr.. and only in the context of the book do we get into lambs roaring.. where am i going with this?

tdadpete said...

I'm really into lions, but mainly for the image they portray--that quiet strength. I admit I've been influenced by the Chronicles of Narnia. I think it's in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" when the question is asked of Aslan the lion "Is he safe? The answer: "Of course he's not safe; but he's good. I sometimes want to be that roaring sort of person, screaming at the establishment, but other times I AM the establishment, so I roar AND purr.