Monday, May 23, 2005

Emergent 05

So, about the Emergent Convention. Lots to say. Mostly conversation. My week began co-leading the Critical Concerns Course on "The Embracing Church." I WAS there, although I guess I kept a low enough profile not to be mentioned in most reports of the event. Still I was glad to be a part of that exploration of "How open should we be?" Or as my firend Cass put it "Who is the wrecking ball to an embracing Christian community?" Who is excluded?

Susie Albert Miller gives us a mention at Sojourn Stories. For comprehensive notes on the course, see Gavin Richardson's blog. (but don't expect to see any evidence of my presence there!). To be fair, my co-leaders: Glandion Carney, Jay Voorhees, Lillian Smith, and Brian McLaren had more content responsibility. I focussed on process. All in all I was pleased with the worshipful, gracious tone of the conversation.


gavin richardson said...

tony, did i not give you props? might have been because i was always late and you did all the groundwork stuff then. sorry man! excellent to see you bloggin!

tdadpete said...

Hey Gavin,

It's cool. I intentionally did not present much during the course. Your representation was fair. Thanks for your great notes, I'll use them in my report to GBOD. We'll talk more later... like about Waterdeep (!)

gavin richardson said...

awesome! remember, tuesday morns 8am @ alektor, you have an open invite. shalom brother