Monday, June 06, 2005

EmbRACE-ing Church?

Yes, It's true. This year's Emergent event in Nashville was even whiter than last year's. After the "Embracing Church" CCC, I was sitting with Glandion Carney, who got out the convention booklet. We leafed through it and found that he and I were the ONLY nonwhite leaders pictured. And we led a CCC which ended before the actual convention began. I know that Jen Lemen added non-white leadership to her CCC as well, but their leadership, too, ended.

In fact, the not-so-progressive National Pastors Convention showed greater diversity both in its leadership and overall participation.

This is the description. What does it mean? What, if anything, should be done about it?

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djchuang said...

Yes, right, uh huh, good observation, your eyes did notice a glaring lack of diversity. But then again, the emergent church conversation has not billed itself as particularly sensitive or focused on the racial or gender diversity issue, it has stayed more in the stratosphere of theological reflection on topics about the church in general, and its mission and meaning and practices.