Friday, June 03, 2005

Real Star: A Mini-Tribute

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This week, I've been moved to tears twice.

When I left home for college (another life ago), it's kind of wierd, but I prayed a very specific selfish prayer. I asked God to give me the ability to cry. I felt cold and wanted to learn to feel a little more. Almost 30 years later I have since learned to DULL my feelings in a number of ways, but that's another story.

The second time I was moved to tears this week was yesterday morning when, at our company worship service (what a perk of the job!), Psalm 42 was read. The scripture alone moved me to tears. I mean real water-dripping. That was an answer to the almost-30 year old prayer.

The first time I cried this week was occasioned by our Little Girl, who is now in college. We visited her at her college apartment 45 minutes away, then went out to lunch with her, her brothers, her Drew, and her nephew. At lunch she announced that her last presention in her speech class was to be a tribute. I sensed where she was going with this and would have been disappointed had I been wrong. I wasn't disappointed. Kimberly said "I have to back it up with resources, so you'll probably be getting a phone call." Then she turned to Laura, her mother, and said "I'm doing it on you." That's when the tears started. Even now they're welling up again. You see, I know my wife. I know her faults better than probably anyone. But I also know how deserving she is of this tribute.

I got the phone call the next day. Kimberly said she was going to speak about her mother's forgiveness, compassion, and giving heart. She wanted me to comment on forgiveness. I won't tell you everything I said, but mainly I tried to convey that forgiveness was not only a ready quality in Laura (from which I have benefited greatly) but that it is a quality she has inspired in others, including me.

And as I write I am reminded of that Bible passage in the letter to the Hebrews (10:24). I keep quoting it these days: "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."

Perhaps Laura doesn't consider, but she definitely spurs. That's why she's a Real Star to me and to her kids.

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